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Computer Programmers are Nerds. Geeks. Socially Awkward. Or are they?

Infinite Deviation: Shorts challenges people to think outside the code. To change the way people think and take down stereotypes. To see themselves, and the world around them, a little differently, and change the way people see computer science.

Google and We Make are showing the unexpected side of computer science through a series of narrative short films. See the first six in the series below and stay tuned for more to come.


Fly Lady Fly

Determined to help an injured bird fly, 14-year-old Daniela realizes that her father’s drone could be the answer — if only she can figure out how to re-program it without him finding out.

Starring Sarah Lynne and Chris Garcia. Produced by Angela Palladino and Kami Dimitrova.

The Fox Den

When Maggie steps into the lair of a dangerous cyber criminal, she must use both her martial arts and computer science skills to defeat an enemy who may not be entirely human.

Starring Aria Song, Wilky Lau, Han, and Mike Lane. Produced by Chell Stephen and Ana Lazarevic.


Hip hop dance crew captain Keisha thinks her squad's chances of winning the annual homecoming show contest are toast when they’re forced to work with the computer science club — but as it turns out, the “nerds” have some pretty slick moves of their own.

Starring Brianna Lott, Terrence Green, Jada Paige, and Madeleine Coghlan. Produced by Jamie Clevenger.

Not Yet

Get a glimpse into the world of a young computer programmer and a technology executive bent on changing the world for the better.

Starring Jo Mani, Darren Bluestone and Scott Carino. Written and produced by Jamie Clevenger.


CODENATION is the hilarious tale of a team of underdogs who fight to win a prestigious hackathon. Armed (literally) with a 3D printed dream, these young programmers show they’re ready to deliver a bionic blow to anyone who gets in their way. This brilliantly sarcastic mockumentary challenges stereotypes, and presents programmers in a hysterical new way.

Starring Grace Mandeville, Arturo Castro, & Grant Rosenmeyer. Produced by Carlos Valdivia.


Dark magic and cruel classmates are abound in this fantasy thriller about a young coding student trapped inside a world of her own flawed designs. Faced with an unstoppable villain and an unlikely sidekick, it’s up to her to crack the code and find her way back to reality — before she’s lost in the shadows forever.

Starring Mani Yarosh, Jake Rubin, and Beck Hartke as The Shadow. Produced by Carlos Valdivia.

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What do robotic limbs, mysterious evil creatures, sabotage, magic portals, and computer coding have in common? They’re all part of Infinite Deviation: Shorts, a partnership between Google and We Make that encourages inclusion in the tech world by sharing unexpected stories from the world of computer science. Forget what you think you know — these films reprogram all of the stereotypes about coders, and show you what really goes on behind the screens.